Turnier in Wilsche

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08.08.2009 15:22:36

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Kommentar von mxsRKQyYHbY, 07.03.2014 12:50 Uhr
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Kommentar von ysrxJeWLDJMM, 12.02.2014 04:22 Uhr
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Kommentar von 8DQx14UmA43, 22.01.2014 16:58 Uhr
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Kommentar von dsnpnVcmsL5, 03.01.2014 18:12 Uhr
Love your website, I wish I could aoffrd this masters collection, how cool would that be to have all these Elvis song.I have been a fan of his since I was a kid in the 60 s, it just doesn't get any cooler than Elvis!
Kommentar von 2Yn9isFmz, 03.01.2014 08:06 Uhr
Thanks guys for the comments! I rlaley like interactions with the blog readers from all over the world.As for the rudder question, Chris I like your massive spinout guess... :-) But I should go a lot faster than that to spin out... Here's a HUGE clue: do you think a boat can steer when it's not moving?

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