Turnier in Wilsche

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08.08.2009 17:38:36

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Kommentar von IHd8tYZV4gx, 07.03.2014 12:47 Uhr
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Kommentar von VzRtLEC00, 12.02.2014 04:21 Uhr
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Kommentar von tLhT20xmxU, 03.01.2014 17:58 Uhr
At 119 days I would expect her to be beggad up. My guess is one of several possibilities:1) The breeding date you're counting from might be wrong. Perhaps she cycled again and bred on the next cycle. If you're sure it is correct then ignore this.2) She is a late farrower. We have seen sows that carry as much as two weeks later than usual so that would be 128 days. Still, I would expect bagging by now. However, occasionally a gilt fools us and does not bag much and then poof, she's popping out piglets. We had one last month that did that.3) She's wearing a falsie. That is to say her pregnancy indicator isn't functioning or giving true results. This is rare in my experience but possible. Note that this is all based on our pigs and other pigs might have some difference. For example I have no idea how Pot Bellied pigs indicate.Remember that it is a relative indicator it is the change in angle over time that is key.Good luck and may she pig soon!
Kommentar von GemwcnhdV, 03.01.2014 04:54 Uhr
Ramon1. Juli 2008Ge4ll finds au! Die Spanier he4nd vor allem in dr 2. halbzyt d'Schwobe voll domrnieit und sind schlussendlich verdient Europameischter gworde!Jetzt gilts wider 2 Joor warte und denn bringt England dr Titel hei GruessRamon[]

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